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Our gift vouchers

Give your loved ones an exclusive moment of relaxation and complicit relaxation. Whether for a birthday, a graduation, or a wedding gift, our gift vouchers will delight their recipients.
You will receive a digital voucher to print with a code for the reservation. Gift vouchers are valid one year from their date of issue.

Once purchased, we will send you an SMS to personalize your voucher.  


Together better
96 €

Enjoy a rare moment of complicity and share a lasting emotional memory, as a couple, mother and daughter, with your BFF.

90min | 2 personnes


Saint-Valentin Everyday
116 €

Sublimated by a romantic atmosphere, adorned with rose petals and candles. An ideal gift for an engagement, wedding or anniversary!

90min | 2 personnes


138 €

Everything you need for the perfect moment. 120 min of relaxation, with a drink of your choice in the fridge.

120min | 2 personnes


Out of time
188 €

Enjoy 3 hours of complicity and create a lasting memory as a couple, mother/daughter or BBF... Up to you to invent the experience that goes with it!

180min | 2 personnes


Morning Star
168 €

2 hours of happiness in the Spa Suite, with a sumptuous continental breakfast for 2, only during the first session at 10am.

120min | 2 personnes


Young parents break
94 €

Being a young parent is not easy! You finally have the opportunity to combine relaxation, family and marriage.

90min | 2 personnes

Spa Suite


Remplissez le formulaire ci-joint pour personnaliser et commander un bon cadeau pour faire offrir à vos proches un moment de détente et de relaxation dans la Spa Suite Vichy. Sélectionnez une expérience et faite passer un message à vos proches.