The concept

With more then 25 years of experience in the management and the creation of spas in the international luxury hotel industry, Philippe Magne decided to team up with his spouse Martina Pettersson, to create a new, totally private facility called the vichy Spa Suite.

The concept was born from observation: the access to hotel and urban spas has a lot of restrictions : children are not allowed, spaces are generally shared with other users ,and enjoying a cold beer after the sauna is out of the question. Martina, who is of Swedish origin, naturally has a culture and the habit of using the sauna daily, and the Scandinavians but also the Russians, share this pleasure during an evening with friends after a hard day’s work.

Philippe imagined this place as a discret setting inspired by the design of yachts, where no one suspects the interior from the street. They both worked on the concept and began the construction in October 2021 until the end of January 2022.

A deux c'est mieux - Spa Suite Vichy
EVJF - EVG - Spa Suite Vichy
Evasion en Famille - Spa Suite Vichy

The vision

Our goal was to be able to offer a new space where both lovers, families and young couples with a baby (a wallet bed and a bottle warmer provided), could share a moment of pure relaxation with a guaranteed escape without leaving the region. After well thought out measurements, and thanks to a fairly large space, We have also created experiences for small groups to celebrate events or evening parties with friends in a different way than the traditional restaurant. That’s why we propose to celebrate birthdays, baby showers, EDJF/EVG to up to 8 people , to offer an unforgettable memory to your loved ones.”


The customer journey starts from the very first moment on the website or social networks. We wanted to simplify as much as possible the booking of appointments and the online payment so that you can book your moment of pleasure at any time of the day or night. Following the same philosophy, we opted for an entrance door lock with a unique access code for each customer, so that he can enter his private space independently. We have tried to anticipate all the needs: hair dryer, make-up removal pads, soap and shampoo, plastic bag for wet . Bathrobes, towels and slippers are also available. the sound environment, the interior perfume, the colorful chromotherapy, our selection of teas, are all elements that contribute to the stimulation of the 5 senses.


A rigorous protocol has been studied and put in place to ensure the safety and health of our clients. we rigorously apply the 5 star standards, and ensure that the water is completely double filtered between each session, and proceed to a filter change minimum twice a day. the complete water replacement is scheduled to double the frequency recommended by the supplier. our dehumidification and heating system is serviced weekly. the floor, shower walls and all surfaces are disinfected between each session.

hygiene for your well-being is our priority.


Our spa can comfortably accommodate 5 people at a time, and has different massage nozzle positions at each seat, so you have the opportunity to circuit and test all the positions and 60 nozzles. You can individually adjust the power of the jets from a dimmer on the edge of each seat. Two positions are fully reclined. The spa offers a first animation for half of the jacuzzi if there are only two of you for example, and has a second to animate the entire pool. In addition, you can activate the geyser function, for more bubbles on the surface. The sessions last 15-20 minutes and can be repeated, although it is recommended to take breaks between each session. The water is 37-38 degrees and an elegant light show animates the whole.


The traditional Punta Cana sauna is an elegant and comfortable sauna, offering an exceptional quality of relaxation. This traditional sauna is ideal for an intense and revitalizing moment of relaxation. With its natural stone wall and 40 LED star ceiling, the Punta Cana Traditional Sauna gives a warm and intimate effect. It is an optimal space to relax in peace. The wood used in the construction of this traditional sauna is Canadian red cedar. This light wood offers a pleasant sensation of softness under the skin as well as a touch of elegance to the aesthetics of the sauna. In short, chromotherapy, electric stove, solid wood, glass door, thermometer... The traditional sauna for 4 people is more than complete!


The Kroos shower combines different functions to vary the sensations. It has 5 functions: Fine rain, Tropical rain, Cool mist, Double waterfall for trapezius massage, Flexible for localized shower. In addition, the shower cabin also has a sauna shower with a push button, so you can enjoy the pleasure of cold water directly between two sauna sessions.


A double bed, for nap lovers, or simply to relax, completes the Spa Suite. Its 100% organic latex mattress, and its marine linen set, complete the "cruise feeling" that you will feel in our Suite. At your disposal, also, a modern and connected TV, which will allow you to select a playlist on YouTube, to watch a series on Netflix or to broadcast the photos of your wedding to your relatives... The bed area can be removed to offer more space for private parties and dancing.


A warm and refined corner will allow you to meet and share together, while drinking our carefully selected tea served in a samovar. Of Turkish origin, the samovar allows you to keep the infusion for the duration of your experience at the ideal temperature for serving tea. Equipped with a teapot on the top, you just have to open a small valve to fill the teapot and serve the precious elixir. Between 1.5l and 3l of tea will be offered depending on the number of guests. The Lounge room also has a sound tower, with CD, FM and especially Bluetooth so that you can listen to your favorite music.


We offer

  • To make people happy and offer the feeling of well-being to your loved ones, our gift vouchers are adapted to the budget of each person and will delight their recipients.
  • To privatize the place for a particular event, our team will be pleased to accompany you in the development of your program: birthday, EVJF/EVG, baby shower, team storming...

Opening hours

The opening hours are as follows:

Closed Monday and Tuesday

Wednesday and Thursday: 10-10:30pm

Friday-Sunday: 10am-11:30pm

Slots every 2 hours.

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