Discover our various experiences to suit everyone’s desires, whether it’s for
lovers, friends or a family getaway. You can also personalize your session by
opting for small complementary attentions, such as the “30 min extra”,  or a “Cookies plate” option…

Enjoy a rare moment of complicity and share a lasting emotional memory as a couple, mother and daughter or with your best friend, and create the experience that goes with it!

2 hours of pleasure for two, with a bottle of your choice in the fridge. Enjoy a rare moment of intimacy, share an emotional memory, and indulge yourselves.

A change from the traditional restaurant, and spend a charming and relaxing evening with friends. Take advantage of having your feet in the water and share and build memories for life.

2 hours of happiness in the Spa Suite, with a sumptuous continental breakfast for 2, only during the first session at 10am.

Sublimated by a romantic atmosphere, adorned with rose petals and candles, it is also THE ideal gift for engagements, weddings or couple’s anniversary! Why not a kneeling proposal…

Unlike hotels or urban spas, our Spa Suite is private and therefore accepts children. Strengthen the family bond by relaxing and sharing the pleasures of well-being.

Enjoy 3 hours of complicity and create a lasting memory as a couple, mother/daughter or BBF… Up to you to invent the experience that goes with it!

Upheaval, turmoil, anxiety… Being a young parent is not always a relaxing experience! The options for outings with your newborn are becoming more and more refined. You finally have a way to combine relaxation, family and couple.